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2013 Guangzhou Lighting Fair come to a successful conclusion

Thank you very much for all customers and friends here @ Guangzhou Fair. Hope you all have a good harvest here, also hope HipowerLED is the right supplier you are looking for. HipowerLED will continue to develop more and more competitive lighting products helping you to increase your business. Thank you all and See You Soon !

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Overview of Solar LED Street Lights How Do They Work? How to choose the right one for your project

A necessary thing in public enlightenment for streets and other public areas. Our sense of security on the streets at night is increased thanks to their provision of road traffic safety. However, they use a lot of electricity. There are 304 million streetlights worldwide as of right now. By 2025, there will be 352 million streetlights worldwide. The 26 million streetlights in the USA use as much electricity each year as 1.9 million houses and produce as much greenhouse gas as 2.6 million cars. The private sector owns and operates at least 60% of these streetlights. The USA has yet to become a hotspot for the adoption of solar-powered street lights. The system would use less power if solar-powered street lights were installed. Imagine all the advantages of having a solar-powered street lighting system if LEDs alone can improve the efficiency of public lighting. Municipal solar street lights provide a more affordable and sustainable solution that has significant positive effects on the city, according to research based on work done in the two Ugandan cities of Jinja and Kampala. Are you looking for a cost- and carbon-free approach to enlighten your outdoor areas? See this compilation assessment of the top solar lamp posts for sustainable lighting. Solar-powered LED lighting Solar electric lighting systems do in fact connect to a truly “infinite” power source – the sun. as we all know, the source of intermission. In the case of solar outdoor lighting, the power source is inversely related to the load (the

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What is LED light? and why chose High Bay LED light?

LED Light: low power consumption, higher efficiency, and excellent quality of light output LED lights turned out to be an innovation in the lighting industry. These lights help users save a lot of money on energy costs while also providing better lighting in their homes, businesses, and outdoor lighting. However, some of them have awful choux though, most individuals are not sure what light they should use for their project. LED lights are available in many sizes, colors, and lumens, and the perfect light is tough to locate. With power prices rising and correct lumens, companies seek economical and energy-efficient solutions to use LED lights. It is a wonderful start to replace led linear high bay lights with new energy-efficient ones. A linear LED: LED linear lighting uses numerous light-emitting diodes crammed into long, thin units to produce a spectrum of light. This fundamental idea transformed our lighting system. It was challenging to lighten long commercial spaces, such as offices, warehouses, and retail locations until LED linear was invented. These rooms were lit by enormous industrial lighting. Fluorescent tubes, which were first mostly used in industrial settings, began to develop linear illumination. In residences, garages, and workshops, this technology was applied. Additionally, this led to a demand for high-quality, reasonably priced electronics. Before LEDs, it was impossible to make an uninterrupted continuous light line since fluorescent tubes had to stop and leave a dark or black space.Better looks did not exist until the commercial LED Linear version as we know